Passionate bronze sculptor

Picture of the artist Isabelle Esnult

Sculptor since 1990.

Isabelle exhibits her work in more than thirty showrooms

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She has created the following bronze trophies:

- El Abrazo, Latin American Film Festival of Biarritz

- Pro France Quicksilver, trophy of the World Cup of Surfing

- Trophy of the World Cup of Canoeing

- Catamaran World Cup Trophy

Fortuna et Bitcoin

Isabelle Esnult discovered bitcoin through the media and became intrigued by the magnitude of the phenomenon.

As an artist, she realizes that this currency has no physical support and that anyone could represent it.

This reflection, shared with enthusiasts, inspired her to create this sculpture representing Fortuna, mythological goddess, holding the horn of plenty: The allegory of Fortune derives from the Roman divinity Fortuna, goddess of luck and chance.

In Latin, 'Fors', means 'fate' or 'chance'. Fortune is therefore the entity that lavishes all favors on men at random. Chance, through randomness, is an omnipresent notion in Bitcoin.

Fortuna is often called blind, because she treats all men indifferently, hating or loving them as she sees fit. Isabelle depicts her here with a blindfold that purposely reveals her eyes.

The wind which rushes in her dress is used as representation to the inconstancy. This is the key to the work: fortune, fickle and hazardous always triumphs.

As for the cornucopia, it is a fabulous object that never empties and dispenses all the riches of the earth: according to Ovid, it comes from the goat that would have fed Zeus when he was a child.

Picture of the Fortuna Bitcoin made by Isabelle Esnult
Picture of the Fortuna Bitcoin made by Isabelle Esnult
Picture of the Fortuna Bitcoin made by Isabelle Esnult

Materials: Bronze

Dimensions: 14,5cm of diameter / 5,71 inches of diameters

Weight: 1.300 kilogrammes / 2,866 lbs

Stand is made of wood

Dimensions: 13,5 cm height / 8,5cm width

Picture of the Fortuna Bitcoin made by Isabelle Esnult

The key to his art foundry is the furnace: This is where the bronze ingots are deposited to be liquefied at a temperature of 1300 degrees!

The PIRIZ art foundry, in Irun in the Spanish Basque country, perpetuates a traditional know-how: the casting of bronze.

Miguel Gonzalez practises this work, which has been handed down from father to son.

The ceramic molds are the negatives of the sculptures.
They are placed in trays containing sand to prevent them from exploding under the heat of the molten bronze during the casting process.
In a continuous ballet, the caster pours the bronze delicately into the metal inlets of the molds.

The gesture is very precise and the moment magnificent!

Once the mold is filled with bronze, the opening is covered with ash to keep the heat even.

Then comes the finishing touches, with the trimming, polishing and patination of the piece with a flashlight that determines the color chosen by the artist.

The creation of a sculpture is a team effort. The artist must have full confidence in the craftsman.


The work is a unique copy and authenticated as such by the artist and the foundry.

The work is associated with a unique Counterparty token representing the ownership of the work.

The NFT & physical certificate will be sent to the buyer.


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